The Basic Information Surrounding How Stainless Steel Is Made

How Is Stainless Steel Made?

Stainless Steel can be made in many different ways and the way your stainless steel is made is dependent on what steel manufacturers you use. Different steel stockist will use different methods for different products. For example it is likely that stainless steel        made for buildings will be made differently to stainless steel used for making kitchen appliances. This is because the steel is being used for different things and the steel stockholders may need to put different properties into different types of steel to ensure that it will perform to the best of its ability.bright stainless steel

Steel Stockist Making Stainless Steel

There is however, a general gist of how you make stainless steel...

  1. Melting the steel- The first thing that happens is the melting process and this can take up to 12 hours. The metal needs to be put into a burning hot furnace and left to melt until the metal has become molten.
  2. The next stage of making stainless steel is to remove all unwanted substances. This can be things such as excess carbon. It is up to the stainless steel manufacturers to decide how much is removed and again it can depend on what the stainless steel is being used for.
  3. Tuning is the next stage of the process. This is where chemical balances are fined tuned to ensure the metal is going to be made perfectly. This can be a lengthy process and having someone with serious knowledge in this area is crucial.
  4. The next stage is to cut the metal into the shape you need it. This is a delicate process and requires a lot of specialist equipment. Shaping the metal is one of the most important parts. It is important you plan out this part of the process and are using a steel stockist you trust.
  5. Finally you need to give the metal a finished look. Again this is different for each different use of stainless steel. As an example, if you were making kitchen essentials you would try to give it a shiny finish and make it a bright stainless steel as this is a key component in things like sharp knives.steel stockholders