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There are three types of stainless steel, Martensitic, Ferritic and Austenitic. Free cutting grades of Martensitic and Austenitic specifications are available which offer considerable machining advantages, particularly for the production of repetition turned parts. Either selenium or sulphur is used as free cutting additive.
Martensitic stainless steels can be hardened and tempered to give tensile strengths in the range 550 � 1000 N/mm2. Typical applications include fasteners, valves, shafts, spindles, cutlery, surgical instruments. Specifications include AISI 420A / B-1 421/28, AISI 430-1 4104, AISI 416-1 4005, AISI 431-1 4057.

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Ferritic stainless steels are no more common in strip and sheet form where applications include domestic and automotive trim, food processing and catering equipment, exhausts systems etc. They have good ductility and are easily formed. Typical specifications BS 970, 403517, 430517.
Austenitic stainless steels. There are a wide range of specifications within this group. Austenitic grades offer the highest resistance to corrosion and are used for components in the foods, chemical, gas and oil industries as well as surgical instruments, hospital equipment, domestic appliances etc. Austenitic steels are non magnetic and cannot be hardened and tempered in the normal manner but do work harden. Where welding is required specific grades are available to obviate the risk of weld delay. Specifications include � AISI : 303-1.4305, AISI 304-1 4307, AISI 316 - 1.4404.
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