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Mild Steel

Bright Mild Steel | Drawn, Flat Bar, Angle, Plate & Round Bar A group that includes the generic term mild steel. Used for many lightly stressed components and depending on the condition and form of supply, for welding, bending, forming and general engineering applications. The range of specifications includes BS 970: 040A10, 045M10, 080A15, 070M20. […]

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Suppliers,Stockholders & Stockists There are three types of stainless steel, Martensitic, Ferritic and Austenitic. Free cutting grades of Martensitic and Austenitic specifications are available which offer considerable machining advantages, particularly for the production of repetition turned parts. Either selenium or sulphur is used as free cutting additive. Martensitic stainless steels can be hardened […]

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Does your business activity require the regular purchase of carbon steel or another type of steel? If so, then here at Midland Bright Steels, we are pleased to say that we will be able to help you. We have a large stock of 080A15, 080M40, 080A42 in rounds, squares, hexagons & flats. We […]

Free Cutting

Free Cutting Steel Flats, Squares, Diameters & Hexagons The most popular type of steel for the production of turned parts and lightly stressed components where machinability surface finish and output are important factors. The principal B5 970 specifications is 230M07 either leaded or unleaded. European Standard 11SMn30 and 115MnPb30. American AISI/SAE 1215, 12L14. Contact us […]

Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel Alloy steel grades are specified when a hard wear resisting surface is required. However, because of the alloying elements after heat treatment, superior mechanical properties are achieved. The choice of steel will depend on the ruling section and the properties required for the component. Typical applications include gears, cams rollers, transmission components and […]

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Steel Grades in the UK At Midland Bright Steels we regularly supply a range of steel grades to clients who work within the oil and gas sector across the UK. If you work within this sector and you require steel then you can rely on us to help. Depending on your requirements […]

Bright Steel

Bright Steel, Flat Bars, Round Bars, Angles, Squares & Diameters. The need for dimensional precision, surface quality, constant cross sections which the market demands inevitably leads to the use of Cold Drawn (Bright Steel) products as they fulfil all these requirements faster than any other technology. We can really say that the development of the […]

Key Steel

Key Steel Supplier Drawn bar in an unalloyed Medium Carbon Steel with reasonable Tensile strength. Stocked in Metric Flats and Squares to DIN 6880 specifications. Having many general engineering applications, typically for Taper, Gibhead, Parallel and Plain Keys. Our unrivalled stock means you can rely on Midland Bright Steels to provide your every need in […]

Leaded Steel

Special Steels with the addition of Lead (Pb) and Sulphur (S) differ from standard case hardening and direct hardening steels because of the addition of a quantity of Lead (Pb) about 0.15 to 0.35% and Sulphur (S) about 0.25 to 0.35%. This greatly improves machinability and therefore faster running times to produce components. Thanks to […]