COSEN G-320 Twin Column Automatic Bandsaw

Midland Bright Steels have recently acquired a new COSEN G-320 Twin Column Automatic Bandsaw from Sawcraft UK.

Technical Specifications

Cuting Capacity
Rectangle (H x W)
320mm Dia
320 x 320 mm (12.6" x 12.6")
380 x 320 mm (15" x 12.6")
Bundle Capacity
Height 70 - 140mm
Width 190 - 300mm

Watch it in action

Key points overview

Safety: NEW Improved “CE” Full guarding, Interlocked Blade covers, Blade motion detector and mechanical lock on control cabinet doors
Motor: 5HP (3.75 Kw) ULTRA Heavy duty blade drive motor with overload protection
PLC: Mitsubishi PLC Control
Displays: Full Colour, touch screen panel with machine status indicators & error message displays
NC Axis: 99 Programmable Cut length & Quantity positions for multi job cutting / job storage
Feeding: A single vice stroke of 403mm with NC calculated multi shuffle up to 9999mm long
Blade: 34mm wide blade - Control has material pull back before blade lifting facility
Tension: Hydraulic Blade Tension c/w blade breakage safety shutdown
Vices: Full stroke material vices, No manual setting required c/w double retracting carriage vice for improved handling of bent stock and reduced risk of material marking
Split: Split vice for clamping both side of the material & minimum back end of 50mm
Speed: Inverter controlled Blade speed 20 - 100mpm, actual speed shown on display
Feed: Dual blade controls of both Blade feed rate and material pressure force
Guides: Carbide pads c/w quick setting for easy blade change and roller bearing guides
Swarf: Powered swarf brush with variable speed hydraulic swarf conveyor, fully guarded
Coolant: High powered pump supplies guide arms, adjustable central nozzle & swarf brush
Light: Adjustable high powered work light as standard

COSEN G-320 Technical Features

Machine Build

  • Heavy Duty, Robust construction (2000 Kgs)
  • Twin column design for cutting harder and difficult materials
  • Tilted saw bow design to reduce twist on saw blade and maximise blade life
  • Hydraulic shuttle vice system

Bandsaw Blade Drive

  • Specially designed gearbox for high lateral pressure
  • Blade Motor = 3.75 Kw (5Hp)
  • Inverter controlled Bandsaw blade speed suitable for a range of materials (20-100 m/min)

Bandsaw Blade Guide & Coolant

  • Carbide blade guide assembly blocks with additional bearing guides
  • Additional vertical blade guides
  • Hydraulic blade tension to maximise blade life
  • Integral Coolant system built into machine frame (45 Ltr Capacity)
  • Bandsaw Blade = 4240 x 34 x 1.1 mm

Material Feeding & Clamping

  • Split front vice to allow automatic feeding down to a minimum scrap end length of 50mm long
  • Full stroke Hydraulic vice clamping, NO manual adjustment required
  • Double retracting rear vice jaws to improve handling of bent material and reduce risk of marking
  • Vice jaws feature replaceable hardened wear plate inserts
  • Computer controlled cut length setting
  • One set of vertical alignment infeed rollers
  • Discharge adjustable material guides with integrated coolant return

Machine Control & Automation

  • Mitsubishi PLC Control
  • Full Colour touch screen for easy use
  • Multi quantity / Cut length programming facility
  • Programmable memory for up to 99 different jobs
  • Automatic blade kerf compensation system when multi cutting for long cut lengths
  • “Save a Blade” system to maximise blade life with material retraction before blade lift
  • Automatic machine shutdown at the end of a job
  • Error Message display system for easy fault finding
  • Operator screen displays items such as blade speed, blade life, feed vice position, etc..
  • Dual feed valve control for both cutting pressure and material force
  • Automatic work height selector
  • Single feeding stroke of 403 mm with NC setting and calculation of multiple feeding (maximum length 9999 mm) no manual setting required


  • NEW “CE” full mesh protection guards and improved swarf conveyor guarding
  • Blade breakage and/or slippage safety sensor
  • Interlocked blade band wheel cover guards

Standard Accessories

  • Blade “CLIP” system for easy blade change
  • Adjustable front plate for cut off stock
  • Additional flushing hose
  • Bi metal band saw blade
  • Machine work light
  • Tool box, levelling pads and a spare blade wire brush
  • Operation and Parts manual

Floor space

  • W* = 2500 mm x D = 2020 mm x H = 1900 mm (98” x 80” x 75”)

(Note: * = Machine width includes NEW CE guarding and chip conveyor)